Stimulus Funds

Central Baptist Association Available Stimulus and Scholarships Funds 

     The messengers of Central Baptist Association 2017 have voted to make the following money available for stimulus from the large sum in the Baptist Foundation Account that CBA acquired and set aside for use in missions. Churches must send completed applications requests to the CBA office for review by the Partnership Co-Coordinators and then approval by the Leadership Team.

April 2017-2018 Proposed Stimulus Package  (Form is second page of PDF file below)

1. $6,000 Evangelism Projects (Up to $600 per church applicant, per year) includes monies to help with Block Party Trailer events.

2. $6,000 Church Planting Start-up funds.

3. $1,000 New Pastor Moving fund. To assist new pastors moving into one of our partnering churches with expenses.

     $13,000 Total

     This proposal will be in effect for a period of one year from approval after which all amounts will become void. At that time a new proposal would need to be presented.

     Criteria for determining how the money is dispersed:

1. The church that applies for any monies must be an affiliated member church of the CBA.

2. The application request must tell how money will be used in accordance with its category.

3. The church must be willing to report how that money was used to Leadership Team and CBA messengers at a Semi-Annual Meeting.

4. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Leadership Team.

Submitted by:

Will Ferguson, Church Relations Coordinator

and The Church Relations Team


   October 2018   
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