Name:                                   Instrument:                      Church:                                      Phone Number:

Julie Andrews                   Piano/Keyboard               Emmanuel                             (217) 428-8482

Howie Bailey                     Violin                                     Tabernacle                                  See below

Marian Blankenship         Piano/Trumpet                Tabernacle                             (217) 425-0704

Beth Creighton                  Piano                                    Tabernacle                               *See below

Beverly Dean                      Piano/Organ                      Tabernacle                             (217) 877-6620

Susan Flickinger               Piano                                    Tabernacle                             *See below

Leta Irons                           Piano                                   Tabernacle                           (217) 423-0580

Diane Peterson                  Piano                                   Heyworth                               (309) 473-2171

Sherry Saylor                     Violin                                   Tabernacle                                *See below

Dean Williamson              Trumpet                             Tabernacle                               (217) 865-2532

Sarah Williamson            Piano                                   Tabernacle                                *See below

Mary Wiltrout                    Piano/Organ                     Calvary                                    (217) 423-5748

Many of these provide music for their churches and are NOT available on Sunday mornings.

*If you are interested in any of the Tabernacle musicians, please contact Tabernacle. They also have some additional talented musicians-Guitarist: Woody White, Colton Zinn; Drummers: Blake Bailey, Doug Ellison, Kevin LeVault, Rich Cramer; Alto Sax: John Saylor, Rebecca Williamson


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