Constitution Revisions Document

Dr. Scott Andrews was exactly right when he commented recently that if we are going to ask our Churches to support the work of our Association, we need to accomplish important things through the work of our Association!

As your Associational Missions Strategist, I believe that the most effective strategy for our Association will require a “major makeover” of the organization and operation of CBA.

Our Constitution is our source of legal authority for the things we do. Therefore… a new vision and a new structure for our Association require a new Constitution. Months and months of work by me, our Moderator, and the Constitution Revision Team, have resulted in the proposed new Constitution that was handed out to the Messengers at our semi-annual meeting on April 18th.

In addition to legal authority, I believe there are three key reasons that we need to adopt this new Constitution at our Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 23rd of this year.

First, this new Constitution will enable us to FOCUS on our three key goals… Missions, Training, and Fellowship!

In the context of a Local Association, “missions” refer to our local missions efforts which include Church Revitalization, Church Planting, Ministry Partnerships, and various kinds of Mercy Ministries, etc.

Second, this new Constitution will enable us to SIMPLIFY (and clarify) the best possible structure to carry out our priorities!

Third, this new Constitution will enable us to IMPROVE both the quantity and quality of ministry that our Association provides to our Churches!

If we are going to effectively assist our Churches in carrying out your God-given ministries, we NEED YOUR PRAYERS, YOUR PARTICIPATION, YOUR HELP, AND YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

As Dr. Andrews often reminds us, if we are going to ask for your prayers, your participation, your help, and your financial support, WE HAVE TO EARN IT!

I believe this new Constitution is the right tool to both allow and enable us to do that!

Please read the revisions and pray over them. Attend the Annual Meeting in October to make your vote count.


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